Friday, August 8, 2014

Training Law Enforcement Officers In The Round Pen

We are about to launch a pilot program that will become significant. Communication, leadership, self control, reading body language, and confidence will be taught in our round pen to local law enforcement officers.

It will be part of a three tiered instructional program. Aside from hands on work in the round pen, participants will learn to understand prey animal body language to use to replace our natural predator body language when speaking with severely traumatized victims and witnesses. Severe trauma often instantly transforms people into behaving like prey animals. The horror that they have been exposed to causes them to recoil from our normal, predator based form of communication. I have previously conducted this session for prosecuting attorneys.

I have used this understanding for over a decade in helping victims get through the legal process and to get them to the point that they can take on the tremendous pressure of testifying.

The last part of the training will be an in depth look at effective means of intervention to help ferret out cases of molestation when the victim is simply afraid to speak.

I have known our Sheriff for years but when i discussed my plans for this program with him yesterday he was more excited than I have ever seen him. He has been exposed to leadership training using the round pen as a model. As a former President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, he has significant contacts that will allow him to assist in the development of similar training for law enforcement agencies far and wide, should these sessions prove as beneficial as I expect them to be.

I have written very little about the program that we conduct for patients at a local veterans hospital who have PTSD. The program matters--it works--it is no quick and easy cure but it is part of the tools in a tool box that can help recover lives.

This new training program will prove to be even more significant.

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