Sunday, September 9, 2018

What Makes Learning to Ride So Different at Mill Swamp Indian Horses ?

It's because of all of the things that our riders see and learn while learning to ride. how to gently and humanely train horses using natural horsemanship. how important fall wild flowers are for the development of strong, healthy, well drained soil. why the partridge pea plant is so important to the birds that remain here throughout the winter. why "touch" is so important in building a relationship with a horse. the sense of accomplishment one feels from saddling up and riding 46 miles. learning the importance of the conservation of nearly extinct strains of heritage livestock. the importance of working hard, as a team, to build something bigger than we are.

We are a 501 (c) 5 non profit breed conservation program. We have no paid staff. We are all volunteers who believe strongly that bringing people back to the soil through horses, permaculture, history, education and even music is the greatest gift that we can provide to others and to ourselves. We teach riding and natural horsemanship to kids, adults, and families. Program fees begin at $160.00 per month. For more information see our web site at and email us at