Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tom Crockett--Showing What Is Possible

We seek to preserve the Corollas and Baccas and to promote other strains of Colonial Spanish Horses. We promote natural horse care and natural horsemanship. We teach children to tame and train wild horses. On occasion we ride for extraordinary distances. We work hard to show how affordable horse ownership can be. We show how easily these small horses carry adult rider. We ride day and night.

We do things every day that the established horse world regularly teaches are impossible.

And that is why Tom Crockett is so important to our operation. Tom's skill as a photographer documents what we do and through this blog, our Mill Swamp Indian Horse face book group page, and his flicker account his pictures say more than words can tell. A candle hidden under basket sheds no light. Tom's pictures lift the basket off of our light.

He helps us shine.


Anonymous said...

Tom is the only photographer who has ever taken pictures of me that I like...
That is saying something..I am not exatly photogenic..

Lothlorien Farm said...

I agree with this whole-heartedly!
Tom is an amazing photographer and does wonders to shed light on your endeavors. I look forward to his photos each and every time.

On the other side of the coin, I believe that this blog and the group on facebook are great avenues to "shine your light". Keep up the good work!