Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Read The Comments

Lloyd often posts comments after blog posts. They are always worth reading. He thinks deeper than do I and writes nearly as well as I do.

If you just read the blog post without studying the comments you simply are not getting your money's worth from this blog.


Anonymous said...

I love that little red horse..Baton Rouge is one of the like which you only get to see a few times in a lifetime.
This picture was taken at the time of my first little victory in training horses..Before I came to find a home at Mill Swamp, I had zero concept that I could train a horse..or write for that matter.
I am awfully thankful for that. -Lloyd

Anonymous said...

I always read the comments - this blog is the only one where there don't seem to be naysayers! Not that there shouldn't be differences of opinion - but there are people "out there" who want to stir the pot & create drama. Gets old after while.

Anonymous said...

I save my pot stirring for the government. Such as the letter I just fired off to the (muckraking, pot stirring)editor of our local paper. Would that our national, state, and local governments could operate is such peaceful fashion as Mill Swamp...
Mill Swamp is the only place I know of that the title "Swamp Thug"
is high praise..

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, good old pot stirring letters, emails & comments to the "powers that be".
I agree - peaceful is far from the "fashion" in politics. More so now than ever.