Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a Little More Time

Don't give up on this blog yet. I have not stopped writing but I am not quite all the way there in terms of feeling completely well. I normally write in the morning and I do not have all my energy back up every morning yet. I am getting there. Two days ago I rolled two round bales into the trailer by myself. It has been a very long time since I could do that.

Look at this horse closely. He could not be distinguished from a young version of Croatoan. Like Croatoan he has what Plato would have called the "form" of Spanishness.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


The cruelest objection ever made in a courtroom is an objection to the relevance of the question. Implicit in the objection is the recognition that the question--and the resulting answer--simply does not matter. Even if everything thing the witness says would be true, the answer simply does not matter. The answer is irrelevant.

The cruelest evaluation of a life lived is an objection to it based on the relevance of that life. Simply put, at the end of it all, was the life lived a life that gave meaning to other people? If so it was relevant. If not it was a life wasted. If we had perfectly honest tomb stones too many of them would simply give a name and an epitaph that read "So What."

I have never been inordinately afraid of dying but I have always been inordinately afraid of dying without having mattered. The two minute warning has not been called but I am playing in the fourth quarter. My hair is possum colored and I have only a few more teeth than a rooster. Years ago when I stepped in front of a crowd, charisma dripped off of me like sweat. Now when I step in front of sweat drips off of me like sweat.

But finally our program is becoming relevant. Horses that need to be ridden matched with people that need to ride. Truths that need to be taught matched with kids that need to learn. Pain that needs to be healed matched with horses that can heal pain.

When we started this program I received several emails from members of the established horse world offering me their advice. They offered their expert advice on breeding (e.g. "Quit breeding worthless crap that has no market value.") One advised that "horse people all over the country are laughing at you."

Turns out that they did not matter then and they do not matter now. But, for the record, I object to their assertions, and their system of values,..... on the grounds of relevance.