Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Have Resisted Posting This for Years, But Now..

... I have decided to do so. Horses make lives better. They improve the quality of human existence. They improve one's physical and mental health. They can allow one to become more empathetic and compassionate.

As important as these things are, they are not at the top of the list of wishes for many young people, especially teenagers. Working, riding and training horses do something else though.

They can make one better looking.

There, I said it--perhaps the most shallow of reasons to ride, but a reason nonetheless. For years I have had visitors to the horse lot tell me how beautiful my riders were. Of course, everyone looks better in a beautiful setting but the attractiveness is much more than the setting.

Across cultures definitions of human beauty seem subconsciously tied to appearing healthy, happy, and confident. Sunlight on the skin, the muscle toning effects of riding, (particularly on the core muscles), the mere fact of being healthier by having an immune system fired up by constant exposure to the microbes of the horse lot--all evidence of good health.

The smile of riders--the happiness of a rider handling and taming a scared horse, the lack of stressed expressions--these are all things of beauty.

And the confidence. Few things are more attractive than a confident carriage and demeanor. A deliberate stride--a sense of movement with purpose, the ability to make quick decisions, all the things that result from having real self confidence make one more attractive.

Male or female, young or old, riding, working horses, trimming hooves, and carrying buckets of water make you better looking.

So if all of the deep spiritual reasons to mount up are not sufficient to get you to go buy some boots, consider the fact that you will look much better in your prom pictures if you become a serious rider.


Anonymous said...

Well, I thought I knew ALL the reasons to get involved with horses & ride! This is a new one. As Teddy Roosevelt (?) said: "theres nothing better for the inside of a man(or woman) than the outside of a horse" - old saying but we all know how true it is!

Unknown said...

And for some of us - in our "Over the Hill" birthday photo :) I'd like mine taken on Wanchese on top of a hill :)

Anonymous said...

I will take all the help I can get..

I like the concept of the over the hill photo..I prefer mine to be the cloud of dust that Snow and I just vanished into, full tilt boogie up the trail..-Lloyd