Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Like Oysters And Horses The Same Way....


Feather is a beautiful young Colonial Spanish mare descended from Choctaw Sundance. She looks like she was created by Fredrick Remington. Every part of her body exists with only two functions in mind--movement and cooling off. She is designed with internal organs close to the cooling surface air. Slab sides and rafter hips aid in that cooling and recovery. She is spine high with no unnecessary slabs of muscle on her body would only serve to reduce her endurance.

After trotting 200 hours in the woods she will be both raw and rock solid--long, lean muscle that propels her in a gait so smooth that one of her first riders complained after an hour or two in the woods that he did not feel like he had been riding--so smooth that she did not give him a work out.

Raw horses are rare today. Horses raised to look like a 7-11 muffin spilling out over its paper holder are the norm.

Why is it so easy for us to understand that obesity shortens human life expectancy, decreases quality of life, leads to a an endless list of physical ailments, increases the risk of injury, and makes every move we make more difficult than it would be for one who is in hard, lean shape, yet we still think that we are showing how much we love our horses by forcing them to suffer through the effects of obesity?

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