Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Foal For The Fall

Persa, the bay Shackleford mare shown above, should be having Croatoan's foal this fall. This is a cross that I have been looking forward to. Croatoan was the most comfortable of the Corollas that I had ever ridden. He is now much older and is retired from riding. Persa is a heavy type Shackleford, like Holland. She is gaited and quick.

Their foal will be available when weaned. The foal will only go to a person who agrees to participate in the offsite breeding program to prevent the extinction of these historic horses.

Contact me now to learn more about the offsite breeding program.


Horseracingpro said...

Great Post

Anonymous said...

I look forward to meeting this young one..This should be a great cross.
I am very curious to see some foals out of Stitch as well..I strongly suspect that these foals will be very intelligent, sensitive and responsive horses..