Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Living Color: The Corolla Off Site Breeding Progam

The loss of genetic diversity has more subtle effects than birth defects and sterility. Colors are lost. This light color has not been seen among the Corollas for decades. There are a few that descend from a Shackleford mare left in the wild with that band, but none in Corolla.

One of the tests of the offsite breeding program is to bring some of that diversity back without altering the the Corolla horse in any way except for restoring that lost diversity. Half Corollas are super horses, but they are not used in the off site breeding program, unless the non Corolla parent is of a strain very closely related to the Corollas. It is wonderful to be able to count on the advice of Dr. Phil Sponenberg in making these breeding decisions.

The non Corollas used in the breeding program are their cousins from Shackleford Island, their close relatives, the Marsh Tackys, and the occasional Choctaw. Only foals that have strong Corolla type will be used for the breeding program, even with this limited amount of non Corolla blood in the program.

This will stave off sterility and will likely restore traits that have been lost.

In short, we want to restore them to what they were while fighting off every effort to "improve" them by breeding modern horses to them. No modern horses will be used in the off site breeding program.

Next year we will have several foals born. Now is the time to let me know if you would like to participate in the offsite breeding program by adopting one of these super horses.

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