Tuesday, August 12, 2014

If Robin Williams Had Horses

This tragedy might very well have still occurred. But those of us who work horses, use natural horsemanship, take the time to develop close ties to horses, and spend time simply being with them know what powerful medicine they are.

I see them heal yet I cannot understand how they do it. That should not bother me. I do not understand the precise working of antibiotics, but I know that they work.

When horse ownership becomes too expensive for working people they are denied this healing experience. That is not simply a bad practice. That is wrong.

That is immoral.

The established horse world would benefit from a good dose of morality.


Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken at Robin's death..He was my first funny man, with Mork and Mindy, and is partly responsible for my goofy nature..

Oh if we could just stand him up next to Comet for might have helped him...and some of his sense of humor might rub off on Comet...


Lothlorien Farm said...

This post brings tears to my eyes for more than one reason.

I am so saddened each and every time I hear of someone committing suicide. It breaks my heart to know the deep dark place they were trapped in before they made the decision. It's a scary realization for anyone who has ever battled that monster.

The afterthought tears though are happy tears, from knowing that the filly featured above the article is one who, I Know, will be able to help someone else feel their way up out of that deep dark place one day. She has done it here on more than one occasion.

Thanks again Steve!