Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Ride? Why Blog?

Every morning I am up well before sun rise. I spend about twenty hours in the saddle each week and care for over fifty horses. My students of natural horsemanship range in age from six to over fifty. My feed bill is around $1000.00 per week. I am a prosecutor and have been an attorney since 1985. When I was young I was a politician. There were years when I read five newspapers before breakfast on a daily basis. At other times, I read a minimum of three books per week. I taught myself to play seven musical instruments. My life was diverse and full.
Now my life has radically improved. My life has been simplified. My life is my horses, my wife, my friends and all my little riders.
I train children to train wild horses. Most people cringe at the thought, but we have developed a program with a strong emphasis on safety, confidence, and most of all, first rate horsemanship. This blog will focus on what we do at Mill Swamp Indian Horses and I hope that my Little Riders will be writing in from time to time to give their experiences with our unique riding program.
One of the best things about Mill Swamp Indian Horses is that my riders and their parents take such an active role in helping out with all aspects of the operation. For example, I have no idea how to post pictures on a computer. However, Rebecca does and she will make sure that this blog is full of great pictures of colts, kids, and accomplishments.