Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Great Training Success At Mill Swamp Indian Horses

Over the weekend Michelle rode her Colonial Spanish mare, Whisper, of Choctaw and Grand Canyon lineage for her first ride in the woods. Michelle and her father have done all of the training of this horse and their wonderful Corolla mare, Rosie. This came a day after Ariyanna rode Andrew's Marsh Tacky colt, Pagan, for the first time. (I have video of that great ride but I cannot get it on this page)
On day 87 of having Aristotle a wild BLM mustang with us, Curie took him on his first ride in the woods.
Tim has done a spectacular job of teaching Manny to slow down and relax with a rider.
Mandy has her 11 year old Galiceno under saddle and will be ready for the woods when hunting season is over.
Chris has been doing a great job retraining some of the older Choctaw mares to get them ready to head back into the woods.

All the while this has been going on we have been halter training yearlings, learning to trim hooves, clearing land, working on fencing and conducting an amazing number of educational programs. 

In short, we are up and running, and all of this is done with no paid staff.