Sunday, August 10, 2014

Individual Results May Vary

But they won't vary much if one follows a simple program---give a kid a chance to succeed--encourage that success and watch them grow.

He's thirteen now. He asks for tasks to do at the horse lot. He waters horses and hogs. He canters. He wants to get better at everything he does. He walks faster. He stands up straighter and he smiles more.

And he believes that he can get better. That is the part that can take the longest for a kid.

He is on a trajectory to become a leader. That is a very big deal.

And I am very proud of him.


Anonymous said...

He blew my mind working El Rosio in the round pen on Saturday..Awesome! -Lloyd

Anonymous said...

He has grown so very much. Your program is very unique one of a kind program that has been such a blessing to so many. Positive, encouraging, life changing.