Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Hope Endures and the Dream Shall Never Die

Ted Kennedy's line from his speech at the 1980 Democratic convention applies to our horse lot. Thanks to Kelly Crockett's hard work we have the privilege of being part of keeping the Bacca strain of Colonial Spanish horse alive.

Kelly now has a mare and an untrained young gelding. We had previously obtained El Rosio, one of Joty Bacca's favorite stallions. He was fifteen years old and untrained. Kelly had never trained a horse before yet she had this older stallion under saddle in a remarkably short time.

Yesterday I watched as our 15 year old intern, Erin, loped him up and down an old farm path, beside a pen of mares. She handled him wonderfully. He had his first experience with repetitive jumping with a rider on board. In short order he was sailing effortlessly over a fallen tree trunk.

About this time next year we will have our first pure Bacca foal born. Corolla like gentleness and tractability coupled with Choctaw like endurance is what I expect to see out of these horses.

Yet, the established horse world sits on its hands and does nothing to prevent the extinction of these horses. It is up to those who dream to do the job.

We dream.


Anonymous said...

Watching from the back on the hard ride Sunday..Just how well, and effortlessly, everyone handled their horses...I have watched how much faster everyone tacks up..I see the kids taking on horses to train..
Yep..the dream is very much alive.
Now we just need to find someone to train Pete. -Lloyd

stephanie said...

The Baca horses and the family have made many people's dreams come true!