Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ten Days Later He Is Appaloosa Colored

Bristol was born August 1. His mother is an HOA mare from Rigoletto. His father is Wanchese, an
HOA stallion of Banker strain captured wild on Shackleford Island. Over the past week his hips have lightened and he has white appaloosa colored hind quarters.

His unique blood line might make him of interest to HOA breeders seeking to preserve the appaloosa color in Colonial Spanish horses.

Another Foal Born To the Corolla Offsite Breeding Program

Meet Maces Spring, born last week to Baton Rouge and Corn Stalk--both formerly wild Corolla horses who are first rate trail horses and a delight to ride. She was born before breakfast and purchased before supper time by an owner who will use her both as a riding horse and as an important part of the effort to prevent the extinction of these historic horses.

There are several stallions in the breed conservation effort that are not loosely related to her and I hope that she will produce at least four little ones over her life time. Both parents are registered with the Horse of the Americas Registry as she will be.

Her father is gaited with very heavy bone. Baton Rouge has a bit of a single foot and I hope that Maces  Spring ends up as gaited as her father.

We have had a very active summer here in our program and have fallen behind in blog posts. I plan to remedy that situation. Keep your eyes open for a post on a beautiful little appaloosa colored colt born about ten days ago from Feather, and our Shackleford stallion, Wanchese.