Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steve, How Old Is...?

For my little riders there seems to be a big difference between being only seven years old and being seven and a half years old. My little riders are obsessed with asking me how old all of the horses are.

I DO NOT REMEMBER! How am I supposed to remember? Age changes every single year. I do not even remember how old my daughters are and I only have two of them!

IT DOES NOT MATTER! Horses only come in three ages--too young, too old, and ok. Mokete, pictured above is too young. If the horse is unable to carry you without discomfort, she is too old. Otherwise she is ok.


Priscilla said...

This made me laugh. If it looks ridable, it probably is.

Anonymous said...

So what is your aging formula for humans?

Steve Edwards said...

I have a simple, but one dimensional formula. Simply put--Are you me? If so you are becoming too old,and doing so quickly.