Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wendy Is Worth Keeping.

My antidote to the affects of having teenage riders that do not understand the importance of the educational portion of our program is the fact that I have several adults that do. Wendy has been one of those adults for a long time.

War Admiral, pictured above, and Sea Biscuit, are among the first heritage breed of authentic colonial livestock that will be part of the Gwaltney Pioneer Farm. They are Spanish goats of the Baylis strain and. When I told Wendy that I would be looking to add goats to the project she offered to purchase me two authentic Colonial Spanish goats. Not only did she purchase them. She and Richard drove deep into Carolina to pick them up and deliver them.

This summer I hope to begin construction of portions of a reconstructed settler's farm circa 1650 and stock it with authentic livestock. The project will make a wonderful frame to show off our beautiful Corollas.

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