Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Leadership

For the cost of cable tv, a new cell phone with all of the gadgets, and a host of computer and video games a family could easily purchase and board a horse.

Is there a parent out there that genuinely believes that their child would grow up to be a better, happier person with the typical selection of parent-replacing electronic devices than they would be with a horse? How many parents have the simple guts and leadership ability to teach their children to reject the materialism that permeates our culture?

Not enough.

The two main excuses that I have heard parents give for not allowing their kids to have a horse filled life is that, "we can't afford it," and "we are too busy with other things."

The two actual reasons that parents have for not allowing their kids to have a horse filled life is that they either simply do not know what a life altering experience it can be for their child or they simply simply are afraid to do anything but conform to today's view of what it is to be a good parent(ie, "Don't let them get hurt and buy them whatever they want, especially if their friends have one.")

For those parents who simply do not realize what a great thing this can be for their children, it is up to those of us who do know to educate them. I am afraid that the other,(and larger), category cannot be educated. They can only be pitied. But it is their children that are to be most pitied.

If you care about horses or kids, go teach a kid to ride.

(This is a shot of my three year old granddaughter on a neat Chincoteague, Wind in His Hair.)

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