Monday, September 12, 2011

We Were Young Once, And Wild

Tradewind had not been with us long when this shot was taken. Rebecca had handled him. I had only gotten so that I could could touch him a few hours before this picture was taken. He never bucked. He never put me on the ground. I handled him a bit different from the other wild ones that we trained. He never went through all of the steps that I usually take horses through.

But since then he has taken many steps--more than would have ever been envisioned for a little wild stallion, utterly crippled with founder. I do not know how many hours my little riders rode him last year, but I now that he carried my 212-222 pound frame though swamp, woods path, cutover, pine forest, and around field edges for over two hundred hours in twelve months, 75-85% of that trotting or gaiting. Six hundred twenty six pounds, 12.2 hands and immeasurable heart and endurance.

And he has a son available for placement through the Corolla offsite breeding program. The Black Drink will be four months old in a few weeks and will be weaned around five months old.

If there actually are 6.5 billion people on this planet, than that means that an astonishing 6.5 billion people have made the horrific mistake of not contacting me to acquire The Black Drink.

Be more than just a statistic. Send me a note concerning the offsite breeding program and how you can have a first rate stud colt and help prevent the extinction of one of Americas rarest and oldest distinct genetic grouping of horses.

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