Thursday, September 22, 2011

Red Feather Has His Own Book

Last night I received a copy of the just released book, "The Adventures of Red Feather, Wild Horse of Corolla" by Linda Whittingon Hurst. Erin Casteel illustrated this wonderful, hard bound children's book, which was published by Wild Pony Press.

This is a great children's book. It combines true aspects of the lives of two great wild horses, my Red Feather, and his father THE Red Feather along with a bit of fiction that helps the story flow. The author does not sugar coat the threats faced by these horses. Indeed she includes a discussion of a foal hit by a car. She includes some hints of stark realism that makes it more than just another book about a "cute horsie." For example, Red Feather does move lightly and beautifully in the wild, yet he sports an ear that is missing its tip, likely lost in a stud fight in the wild.

I love the illustration. The simple style evokes freedom, but it always shows the horses as vulnerable. The unfortunate reality is that they are not the masters of their own domain. In fact, their domain shrinks with each season.

Red Feather was already a bit of a media star. A picture of him in the wild atop a dune on a windy day is one of the more popular post cards in Corolla. If you search this blog you can find out more about my Red Feather. He has a daughter that is a part of the off site breeding program.

He was once the most violent, aggressive horse with whom I ever shared a round pen. He has kicked and bitten me more than every other horse in my life combined. He is no longer violent.

He was once the most athletic horse with whom I have ever shared a round pen. He still holds that distinction.

He is also exceedingly intelligent. He plans to read his copy of the book on his Kindle.

(Here is a shot of Red Feather and Jimmy. Jimmy has both of his ears, but he's tough too.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you this afternoon--I will be out on Saturday. I can't wait to see the book.

DianneW said...

My sister recently sent me a post card of a Corolla pony on the dunes above the beach as a birthday card. Upon reading this, I wondered if it might be of Red Feather. I went to the photographer's website and could not get the postcards to download. I did find this picture [] of a windblown pony in the framed photos section. Is it Red Feather?

Steve Edwards said...

It is bot that photo. The one of Red Feather wild shows him atop a dune, wind blowing with his face to the camera, showing his missing ear tip.