Monday, September 26, 2011

Thinking Out Loud:Overcoming Limitations

What if:

We rented a significant portion of land and used it as the base for an extensive breeding operation for the Corollas, a sort of super site for the off site breeding program. At the same place we would focus on breeding authentic early colonial livestock. With enough pasture we could raise endangered pigs, goats, cattle and chickens along with our nearly extinct colonial horses.

Our current site would remain the center of of riding program. With fewer horses on site we could maintain deeper grasses and native plants for forage. We can proceed with the construction of the Gwaltney Frontier Farm. This re-creation of a very early colonial settler's hard scrabble farm would serve as the picture frame to show off the Corollas.

We could also go back to having events on site in which the public gets an opportunity to learn about natural horsemanship, natural horse care, natural hoof care, Corolla horses, colonial agriculture, and everything else that we do. In the past festivals have drawn nearly a thousand people. That was years ago before our program was well known. Now that figure would multiply.

I am convinced that this must be the model to save Colonial Spanish horses. We cannot look to the established horse world to preserve them. The established horse world has either taken an active role in their destruction in years past, or at best, sat idly by while that destruction has been on going.

These horses will not be saved by putting them out in view of the established horse world and groveling for their approval. We have piped to them and they did not come. These horses can be saved by putting them out in front of Scout troops, Boys and Girls Clubs, school teachers, church youth leaders, and others that care about kids.

Mrs. Drysdale has turned her back on these horses. We have to reach out to Ellie Mae.

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