Sunday, July 12, 2020

Why Would a Mule Put A Smile On a Young Rider's Face?

Because this young rider understands what it means to have a relationship with a great equine. Kate is becoming a very good rider. She is also becoming a young  person who understands the importance of realty over appearance.

Not enough people have experience with horses. Even fewer have experience with donkeys and a fraction of that number have experience with mules. That lack of exposure causes people to fall for the comedic stereotypes of the mule as dumb, lazy and stubborn.

Kate and Belle know better. She goes as fast a Kate wants to go. She goes as far as Kate wants to go. And most of all, she goes where Kate asks her to go.

They are a great team. Riding with Kate and Belle exposes one to contagious happiness. There might have been a time when the horses were the best thing in my life. Now the best thing in my life is the chance to be around so many kids who are growing as riders and as people. I never forget how lucky I am to be able to see kids grown in skill, confidence, but most of all in caring and compassion.

We practice natural horsemanship, not because it makes better horses, but because it makes better people.

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