Thursday, July 30, 2020

A Shelter For Our Veterans Programs, Horse Training and Educational Programs

Thanks to a grant from TC Energy and the hard work and planning of several of our most dedicated program participants, we are going to come out of this pandemic with a better educational and programming infrastructure than we have ever had.

For over seven years those who were in the inpatient PTSD program at the Hampton VA Hospital came over weekly for sessions with our horses. Constructed of heavy timbers the shelter that is now around this round pen will last for decades to come. Native vines have been planted and are starting to climb up to the top where they will provide cool shade in the hot summer months.

While we await their growth, shade is provided by well reinforced fabric.

It is ironic the twists that our language takes as trite phrases are used and reused. Today when we say that something is a "work in progress" we use the term as a sort of an apology that the project is not where it should be. It is a shame that the phrase has taken on such negative connotations.

This shelter is a living shelter. The vines are longer this morning than they were yesterday. As a living shelter it will continue to grow. That continuous growth makes it a "work in progress," which is a perfect metaphor for our program. Like the rest of the nation the we are limping through the summer with very limited programming--but that is not going to last forever.

Our program is a  "work in progress" and even in this environment we are continuing to work and progress.

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