Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wild Horse Redemption

Yesterday I saw the documentary,"Wild Horse Redemption." It depicts the relationship that develops between prison inmates and the wild horses that they are training. Go pick it up from netflix or any other available venue.

Look at the impact that natural horsemanship has on improving the quality of the lives of the inmates. Now imagine its impact on people who have been severely traumatized. Think about what it can do for those with PTSD. Consider what it can do for those who are lonely and have suffered loss in their lives. How about those with depression and anxiety disorder? What kind of direction can it provide for teens who are merely suffering the angst of being a teenager?

And now think about how much it can improve the lives of those who are already experiencing happy, well balanced lives. Think hard about that.

Now you can understand why we have so many volunteers that work so hard in our program. What we do is not brain surgery and it can, and should, be replicated all over the country.

Now you can understand why a riding program operator would come from six hundred miles away just to spend a week to learn how we do things.

Natural horsemanship creates better horses, but more importantly it creates better people.

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