Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Really Looking Forward To This Foal

Scoundrel Days, the beautiful stallion shown above is of Grand Canyon lineage. He carries no modern breed blood. I chose to include him in the foundation herd of our Corolla offsite breeding program because of phenotype. Barbwire, one of the few pure Grand Canyons in the HOA Registry looked so much like a Corolla that I would not be able to distinguish him from many Corolla stallions that I have seen.

Black Elk is  straight Corolla mare. We got her at age 11 and she has turned into a fine riding horse.  Her movement in the round pen is more elegant than any Corolla I have ever seen.  Her foal from Scoundrel will be born this summer. Its sales price will be $1,500.00 at weaning age and more as it ages and receives training.

Grand Canyon endurance, Corolla gentleness, and the special elegance of this pair should produce an incredible family horse. This foal can be reserved with a deposit.

For more information on our efforts to prevent the extinction of the Corolla Colonial Spanish mustang and on how you can own one of these historic, nearly extinct, horses send an email to

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