Friday, December 4, 2009

United States Equine Rescue League

I am very happy to announce that a portion of the proceeds of my book "And A Little Child Shall lead Them: Learning From Wild Horses and Small Children," is being directly contributed to USERL. I am very impressed with the work of this organization. Whether one buys a book or not, this is a great organization in which to make a donation.

In order to have a portion of the sales donated to USERL it is necessary to roder the book through USERL or directly from me, at (Books ordered through Barnes and Noble, etc will slip through the cracks with out me knowing of the sale.)

The book is much more than a horse training manual. It makes it clear what having relationships with horses can do for those horses and for the people who handle them.

The horse above is a Virginia Range stock mustang named Annie. I believe that this is a picture of the first mounting of the horse. The rider is a dedicated USERL volunteer who had limited riding experience and who is over the age of 21. She credits the book, especially the sections on my little brother Lido (Patrick), and the time that she has spent watching my little riders ride and train with giving her the information and the confidence to take on the gentling and training of her mustang.

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