Saturday, December 5, 2009

On To Richmond

As plans further progress we will keep you posted, but at this point we can announce that my little riders and I will be doing a training clinic and other presentations regarding the training and preservation of the Corollas at the 2010 Virginia Equine Exposition in Richmond, VA in October. We promote these horses in every forum possible including parades, museum presentations, clinics, a documentary, magazine articles, television and the Internet.

Swimmer, the Corolla mare pictured above, has been adopted and will be part of the off site breeding program. She is pictured here at a clinic at Wild Horse Days in North Carolina last July. A quick glance at Swimmer reveals why the Corollas have been called the Horse of Kings.

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virginagirl said...

I've heard you all talking about Swimmer before, but had never seen her. She's beautiful.