Tuesday, July 23, 2019

No Need To Stay A Novice

And Brooke proves that. In a variety of fields, and for a variety of reasons, (none of them good), instructors make the subject matter seem harder than it really is.

Intellectually, riding is simple. Instinctively riding is hard. The same instincts that draw us into a fetal position to protect our internal organs help put us on the ground when fear joins us in the saddle.

People , especially riding instructors, don't like to hear it, but the best way to learn to ride is to ride, and ride, and ride, and ride. Heavy mileage in the saddle creates strength, balance and muscle memory.

Over the last several months Brooke has progressed from complete beginner to an endurance conditioning rider. And she is a strong student of natural horsemanship.

And that matters too. Being able to effectively understand horses does nearly as much to keep one out of the hospital as being able to effectively ride horses.

Learn what you need to learn. Believe what you have learned. Apply what you have learned.

Then ride, and ride, and ride....and then start riding really hard.

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