Sunday, July 14, 2019

Going Down That Long Road Again

For over fifteen years I have been putting kids on Colonial Spanish horses and teaching them the pure joy of hard riding-- hours on end, deep in the woods, in cut over, swamps, and hardwood forests.

 For nearly that long I have been putting old fashioned stringed instruments in kids' hands and teaching them the pure joy of playing music hard--hours on end, in churches, on porches, on stage, and around fire pits.

We even teach a little history. This shot is from the construction of our Choctaw chickee .  We are tying cat tails that the kids planted and cut to the roof of the that my daughter and grand children worked to assemble.

Knowing that I will likely be doing this for another fifteen or twenty years is one of the best reasons to stay healthy that I can think of.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for all that you and your program affords the children and adults to enjoy. Audrey and Ella love you. And see the joy on my Zoli's face yestersay was heaven.