Friday, December 12, 2014

Hugelkulter: Keeping Water In The Ground

I am not of teacher of permaculture. I am a beginning, but fascinated, student. I believe that permaculture can be another very important step in keeping the cost of horse care down while increasing the health of the horse.

A horse thrives best when provided a variety of forage plants. A pasture should not look like a cemetery or golf course. A pasture should not give rise to unnecessary runoff and erosion. I want to continue to refuse to use herbicides and to work to reduce soil compaction.

Hugelkulter, (which I just discovered yesterday) might help. It involves burying logs and tree limbs, covering them with manure or leaves or grass clippings and then putting a thin layer of soil on top. The rotting wood helps hold moisture and increases micro biological activity which could lead to much better forage production.

If your neighbor is harvesting timber at the moment in an operation that will likely leave an great deal of waste wood above ground (as mine is) then you will have enough wood with which .

I have to go now to feed my red wiggler worms and put more coffee grounds in the compost.

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