Monday, December 22, 2014

Hope To Get More Spanish Goats Soon

Vice President of Weed Control

War Admiral, my Baylis line Spanish Goat, is a voracious eater. He is joined by a younger Baylis, Sea Biscuit and my San Clemente Island buck, Spicer. The impact that they have had on pasture weeds is incredible. They hit weed seeds and flowers hard and it is really starting to pay off. Eventually I plan to increase my Spanish goat herd and add in other lines of colonial livestock as the educational component of our program expands.

The parallels between Spanish goats and Spanish mustangs are striking. Both are heartier and tougher than modern breeds. Both convert low quality pasture and browse to food better than modern breeds. Both were absolutely essential to the development of this nation. Both have been scorned by proponents of progress. Both are extremely close to extinction in their pure forms.

Like my Corollas, my Spanish goats are warm, intelligent, and affectionate. They work hard.

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