Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Old December Post

The Importance of a Good Set of Wheels

When Lido was about 12 or 13 he and I were watching RFD-TV when a commercial for a manure spreader came on.

'Dat's what Ah want," he said emphatically.

I asked him what in the world he would do with a shiny, new manure spreader.

"Ah take my guwl friend widen on it," he advised, surprised that I did not realize how impressed a young teen girl would be at a ride on a brand new manure spreader.

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Anonymous said...

Ever since I first read this blog in its entirety, I have loved this post. I never knew Lido..wish I did. But the simple, earthy wisdom he held is priceless. There is much about life to be gleaned from the things he said. "I show you how to handle this hoss." Fact.
"I going to be a wanch hand" Fact..and the best of all desires in my higher calling than that which feeds folks..
"Ahm a Bolunteer!" This may very well be the best one. No nonsense courage in the face of adversity, and a near certainty that he was about to eat dirt coming off a horse in front of a crowd.. Courage..yeah..yer skeered..get on and ride..then get back on and bust the hoss.

But I digress..Back, oh, fifty years or so, there was a long lanky cowboy named Joe, Now, Joe and my Pop were the best of friends, and went to Kow Kollege together at New Mexico State..Joe had been after this pretty young lady for a couple months, and finally she agreed to a date. Well, Joe drove a rather decrepit old (say 1948? this was about '64 or '65) Dodge pickup truck. Joe got all dolled up and went to retrieve his damsel..whereupon she took one look at his truck and asked "We're going in THAT?"
Joe squinted at her for a moment and said, "Nope, you ain't goin'!"
Got in and left.
Girls, Never insult a man's horse, hat, or won't return on the investment.
Boys..If she isn't gritty enough to ride on your shiny new manure spreader..probably ought to leave her alone and find one with better sense..

Lido had a point. One who could not see the humor in that, certainly would not value a soul like Lido's. That folks is, as Michael Martin Murphy cowboy logic. -Lloyd