Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Strength To Ride

The best exercise to prepare one for hard riding is to ride hard. However, every form of aerobic conditioning pays off directly when one spends long miles in the saddle. One part of riding that is often ignored is the importance of strong riding muscles.

What are now commonly called "core muscles" are the key to staying in the saddle in a bad situation. Strong quadriceps often are the difference between staying in the saddle and laying on the ground.

This is especially important for older riders. When we it the ground we are likely to break something and even if not, we are likely to be laid up from riding for a while. It is worth the effort to develop muscles that prevent hospitalizations.

Weight training that focuses on the major riding muscles and Tabata Protocol to provide aerobic fitness an be completed in 2.5 hours a week and is time very well spent.

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