Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Best Thing That I Ever Saw On Face Book

I have never met Brooke Sims, the young lady who stars in this video with her mustang stallion that she trained. I expect that she and I would get along very well.

I do not know what more can be said that this video does not say. It really drives home a point that we all too often forget. Starting horses is child's play, or at least it has been in nearly every great horse culture the world has known. Modern Americans have decided that it is too dangerous and as a result children are deprived of one of the most rewarding experiences that they could ever have.

And did you catch in the video that she got second place "In the Lido." That is not a peculiar coincidence of language. That class is named for Lido. All the way down in Texas.

He would like that. If I ever go to Texas I am going to go riding with Brooke Sims. I might learn something.


Patricia Leopold, Secretary Tejas Indian Horse Club, Registrar American Indian Horse National Show said...

The Lido class in the Tejas shows is a class we run while show tabulations are being done. It is our only "jackpot" class with an extra $5.00 entry fee. First place, and only first place splits the total jackpot with the The Lido fund, named after Steve Edward's brother. The pot sometimes tops the number of entries X $5 as others donate to it as well. At the reglar shows it is a "Tejas Pleasure" class, with all ages entering from 12 up. To get 2nd, Brooke was competing with adults riders, some 4X her age. At the American Indian Horse Nationals, it is a barback pleasure class run as an exhibition on Friday night.

Vicki said...

I know Alicia and Brooke and of course Blazing Guns through Facebook. I have to say if it wasn't for FB, there are a lot of neat folks that I would never have met.

And yep, you're right! I think you and Brooke would really hit it off.

Vickie Ives said...

Congrats to Brooke and Blazing Guns, Tejas Tenderfoot of the Year for 2011! Brooke and Blaze were magic last year, but Blaze may have a new rider in his future (mom Alica?) while Brooke turns her gifted hands to working with her own boy Dance Inside the Sun ("Sid" for short). Thanks for your kind words, Steve and thanks for your continued leadership in taking Colonial Spanish Horse training where no other breeds dares to go. Power to the kids!