Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home

I woke up this morning to a infomercial about the youth restoring effects of vitamin B-12. I slept pretty soundly last night. Here is a brief rundown of what we did yesterday.

Woke up at 1:50 am, drank a little coffee, went to the horse lot. Emily and I began a series of training rides just after 3:00 am. We trotted, gaited and cantered for 29.4 miles, changing to different horses at two intervals. Finished up the relay sessions by 8:05. Beth fixed us a quick breakfast and at 8:58 we were back at the horse lot to meet Hannah and her brother Caleb, my two newest riders for a riding lesson. We cut brush and stretch a new roll of fence through the woods while the Meyers family along with several other riders carried the logs out of the woods that I cut on Friday and began to assemble the decorative pole fence that we are constructing in front of the little house. At noon we had a meeting of young riders to go over program changes and we returned to the woods to work fence. All the while Kay was meticulously painting a new quote on the barn wall while Lisa shoveled dirt into pot holes. Liz and Ashley worked steadily on the fence. Brenna and Lydia were in the round pen working with a nervous mustang.

At 4:00 three of my riders went home with me for a quick supper. We then returned to the horses lot for a night time ride through the woods that lasted an hour an a half.

I am fifty years old. I do not take vitamin B-12 though it might be helpful. I do take HL at high levels. HL (Horse Lifestyle) is keeping me so young that I am afraid if I added in Vitamin B-12 I might become immature.

(Here is a picture of a twenty year old wild stallion at Corolla. Seems like HL is keeping him young too.)


KC Rodebush said...

i really wish i could have been there, sounds like it would have been really fun.

virginagirl said...

Yesterday was such a good day.

Anonymous said...

I will ask my doctor about HL it sounds like it may improve my health.
I think I should raise my daily intake. I think I'm deficiant.