Sunday, February 14, 2010

Energy Drain

Things are not the same at the horse lot lately. The mud is beyond belief. In fifty years I have never seen such a prolonged wet spell. Simply walking into the horse lot raises one's heart rate to anaerobic levels. The sky is the color of buckshot and the mud covered horses are the color of soot.

But that is not the biggest problem. We are missing a force of energy that I have come to rely on. Bill has been out for a while recovering from surgery and his absence seems to make everything move slower. Yesterday it took 55 minutes to saddle up for a ride. We had a few new riders and another complication or two, but given the same situation if Bill had been there we would have taken less than 20 minutes before we would have been ready to move out.

Organizations need thinkers, but they also need doers. Bill is both and I sure am looking forward to having him back out there with us.


virginagirl said...

Yes, we are all looking forward to him and Terry both coming back!

Anonymous said...

Yeppers,,,I understand it won't be long...I was back in saddle yesterday and Bill is right behind me.