Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spring Planting

Of course my little riders can do more than just train wild horses! This picture is from a benefit for the local homeless shelter program that we played 12-11-09. KC is playing the guitar on stage for the first time. Carley gave her first performance on my old autoharp. I cannot claim any credit for the compliment of girls singing. They were all great singers before they ever met me. Lydia, Jemma, and Sarah Barr are joined in this picture by Emily Marble. That is Daddy on the guitar. (The instrument in my hand is a wooden three stringed banjo.)

I started playing on stage with some of my little siblings about 35 years ago. Like my own daughters, they are all grown now. Perhaps I have stumbled onto a new group of kids and young people to step up to the microphone now and then.

I enjoy teaching kids ancient mountain songs that have real meaning. I love watching them learn and grow.

Its like watching a garden grow.

Perhaps this will make a new crop of young musicians for me.


virginagirl said...

That was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks wonderful! If the rest of the Barr family (and Emily M.) sound as wonderful as Lydia does, I know it was a great performance!


The Andersons

Sarah Barr said...

I loved being up on stage singing! We all had so much fun--Lyd could barely contain herself seeing me in cowboy boots.