Thursday, November 30, 2017

Our First Pure San Clemente Island Goat Born

I love their look and I love their history of living wild for so long. W started out with a gift of two beautiful Baylis wethers. We obtained Spicer, the San Clemente buck shown above, and for years we have been breeding a line of San Clemente/Syfan crosses that have produced a lot of fast growing, easy handling, brush busters. We have found a ready market for those offspring.

Our San Clemente breeding will focus on marketing to other breeders. Of course, we need to maintain a significant herd here to keep browse in check on the New land and off of our fences.

And all of it goes back to our central focus of the conservation of the Banker strain of the Colonial Spanish Horse. The colonial goats, ossabaw hogs, southeastern strains of Colonial Spanish horses, and a replicated 1650's era farm make up a picture frame to put around the historic horses that we work to preserve and promote.

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