Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another Off Site Corolla Breeding Program Established

And established the way that I like best. Breeding programs to conserve nearly extinct strains of horses should never be established on a whim. This new site is a about an hour and a half from us. The lady who has acquired these two horses has spent many hours at our horse lot learning how we handle these horses and seeing first hand the temperament, athletic ability, and beauty of the Corollas.

On Monday Jen and Elise delivered Swimmer, a Corolla mare, to her new home. Swimmer is bred to Tradewind, a formerly wild Corolla stallion and Horse of the Americas National Pleasure Trail Horse of the Year for 2011.

Matchcoor is a weanling. His mother is a formerly wild horse from Shackleford and his father is Cornstalk, a beautiful bay formerly wild stallion from Corolla. He will be a great future cross to Swimmer and if her upcoming foal is a filly she would be a great cross to Matchcoor also.

And best of all they are close enough so that future breedings could be to any of our stallions. I am really looking forward to breeding Matchcoor to some of our mares in future years. It is through this kind of careful breeding that we can preserve the incredible genetics of these historic horses.

This was a big day for the future of the Corollas. If we can establish a small breeding program like this one each year for the next decade The Banker strain of Colonial Spanish horses will not vanish from this earth.

Tradewind who is bred to Swimmer

Cornstalk, father of Match Coor

Persa, Matchcoor's mother

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