Friday, October 23, 2015

Race Horses?

Yes, I remain opposed to nearly all forms of equine competition. Yes, I continue to hate few things more than traveling. Yes, I firmly believe that the only thing worse for the future of Colonial Spanish Horses than being rejected by the established horse world would be for them to be embraced by that world.

And, yes, I am getting ready to compete in an endurance run. Yes, it is all the way up to New Jersey. However, nothing that we are doing is designed to seek the good graces of the established horse world. We plan to take three Choctaws, a Shackleford, and a BLM/SSMA cross to the Mustang Memorial Endurance Race in two weeks for the sole purpose of gathering that much more objective proof of the extraordinary athleticism of these historic horses.

And more specifically, to be able to give an even stronger answer to that question, "Can these little horses really carry a grown up?"

I doubt if any rider at this race will weigh more than I do.

 Joey will carry me just fine.


Anonymous said...

Steve - I hope there are pictures or videos of this run - really want to see the "little" horses kick butt!!!
Good luck to you all & to the horses.

sumik said...

Good luck and have fun!

It would be cool to see all the different mustangs on that ride.