Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Importance of Intransigence

After over a decade of building our program of teaching natural horsemanship to children and novices-more particularly teaching them to train and ride will horses--our program has never been stronger. More horses, more riders, more volunteers, more educational programs and more lives changed than ever before.

There are many elements behind this success but the most important is our intransigence. At every step of the way we have refused to make a single concession to the established horse world. To do so would not create a slippery slope. It would create a cliff for the program to fall off of.

Our program is revolutionary. Revolutions fail when, after achieving a modicum of success they revert to the ways of the old regime.

As long as the scorn of the established horse world continues to be heaped on what we do, we will know that we are succeeding.

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Anonymous said...

I know we are succeeding. Even beyond the fences. Someone on one of these horse boards asked, "What bit do I?" Now the end of the question does not matter...because the answer does not change..."No bit, train the horse more and better...get control of your hands and emotions..the horse will follow."
Couple of people responded to the effect of..."I knew you would say that." Warm glow from here.

I got to do the intro and round pen demo for our living history program the other night which I thoroughly enjoyed...especially as I failed to trip over my bottom lip. The responses were great..."I want to bring my trainer to the next one!"
I begin to understand how a preacher must feel when he preaches what the world does not want to hear...but needs to hear...and it begins to take hold.
Judging by the horde of kids at the farm yesterday it is only going to get bigger.
One young man who has come a long way started his first real training project yesterday...on a horse which will take careful, gentle training...and another who is bucking in the chute to get started with one. Whole zoo full of tomorrows horse crazy teen girls going everywhichaway is catching fire. -Lloyd