Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Boy Would Have Confused Darwin

This morning I was doing a brisk little canter/gaiting session with Carley and her older brother whose name we will not mention in order to protect him from any regional hostilities that he might have generated.

We were discussing Neanderthals. I explained that they were broad, thick and powerfully built. I explained that they likely had a level of intelligence below ours and that they probably had a very limited vocabulary.

"Sounds like they were a lot like people from Missouri," said the unnamed rider.


Anonymous said...

you better hope mom doesn't read this post otherwise i'm dead. (P.S. i wouldnt't have said that but after that Jamestown story it just kind of struck me)

Anonymous said...

Tooo Funny!

virginagirl said...

You guys are hilarious! What happened in Jamestown, O Nameless One?

Anonymous said...

you'll have to ask steve about it.