Sunday, June 5, 2022

What Does A Ten Mile Canter/Trot Ride Feel Like?

It feels so good when it is done shortly after sunrise, on a Colonial Spanish horse, with people that you care about, on horses that you are watching get stronger with every training ride. We just began our 6:30 am 10 mile rides that we knock off before heading into the office.

This morning the ride was incredibly peaceful. I was on Joey, our fastest Choctaw. He changes gaits more often then most people would like, but he and I accept the eccentricates of the other. 

We walk when the footing requires it, otherwise we move out at a pretty steady clip. When I am in front with Joey we have our fastest set, though having other horses in the lead still gives a wonderfully brisk ride.

During hunting season I do not get into regular distance rides. When that happens I get a bit out of shape, as do the main horses that I ride. But that all seems like a distant memory now. Today's 10.4 ride was less taxing on me than a five mile trot with a bit of walking ride last January.

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