Wednesday, June 8, 2022

So They Will Understand Who Their Big Sister Is

Kids listen to what we say but they learn more from what we do. Only those who have been in our program for years truly understand the importance of the role models that younger kids in our program are afforded. It has always been my big kids, the older teens and young adults who have been at the core of what we teach, because the reality is that they are the teachers.

Rebecca helped shape Lydia. Lydia helped shape Abigail, Mandy, and Chris.  Abigail, Mandy, Kate, and Chris helped shape Audrey. And now, at the age of fifteen, Audrey is helping to shape the entire future of our program. 

Audrey put a huge accomplishment in the books yesterday. In one day, she rode 80 miles with me, likely no more than 10 percent at a walk. We trotted and cantered and wore me out.

As we were coming in on a track that would put us over our 77th mile she asked me if I wanted to take another twenty mile circuit. I had had plenty of riding.  The last time that I rode over this distance in one day I was only 54 years old and that felt so very long ago. 

I suggested that we do one last ride that would take her to her house. She bubbled with excitement. When we got back to the tack shed my body changed my mind. I told her that I was not up for any more miles.

She betrayed no hint of disappointment, but I know my riders and I know that she wanted more. I got a fresh horse and we set out to her house to surprise her little sisters and brother. 

The kids were delighted and Audrey was proud. 

When we drove home to end the day's hard ride I told her how glad I was that we took the extra miles to her house. I told her that it was good for her siblings to see how tough she was. 

Audrey gave a very quick soft smile and then nodded in agreement. She said nothing, but I know that she understood why that final few miles mattered.

It was very important for the little ones to understand who their big sister is, and who they can become. 

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Anonymous said...

Audrey l'm so proud of the young woman you are becoming. Your great Auntie