Saturday, May 28, 2022

Keeping Score: Losses Record Themselves--You Must Record Your Victories

I wish everyone could come out of the pandemic as have I.  At age 62 I am the healthiest and happiest that I have ever been.  I am a better rider and trainer than I have ever been.

The exact path to better health is not the same for everyone but, if one's doctor agrees, I think that our scoring system that we will implement on June 1 will benefit most of us. I do not like journaling or record keeping but I am going to work hard to add my points up from June 1 to the day after Labor Day.

Here is the point system that we are using:

Check with your Doctor before participating.

each mile ridden--1 point
each ride over 10 miles-- 15 points
each ride over 20 miles --35 points
each 20 minute you tube video on natural horsemanship viewed --2 points

each day for which one does not eat any food with added sugar--3 points
each day for which one engages in meaningful strength training -2 points
each night for which one sleeps over 7 hours --2 points

each annual physical that includes lab work for adults--15 points
each annual physical for kids not including lab work--10 points

each session in a sauna for at least 20 mins--4 points
each cold shower (Or ice plunge)--2 points

each you tube/podcast of Dr. Andrew Huberman Viewed--5 points
each book on Stoicism read--7 points

There are many other wonderful things that one can do for one's health and I am not discouraging any of them. I do not know if any of you have any health problems that might make any of these actives dangerous so I stress once again to discuss this with your doctor before taking this on. 

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Anonymous said...

I haven't accumulated many points for riding lately. But I do appreciate accomplishment by others this year. It's been a rough one for our family .My youngest daughter almost died three times with COVID.
I wanted to ask if the paint is the mare Shiloh and how is she doing.? Thanking you again for giving her a safe place to be.this is Patricia Astheimer.