Thursday, August 5, 2021

Learning Through The Ages: The Practice of Natural Horsemanship

In my twenties I sought information, power, and peace. 
I found information and power.

In my thirties I sought knowledge and peace.
I found knowledge.

In my forties I sought opportunities to serve and peace.
I found opportunities to serve.

In my fifties I sought opportunities to teach and peace.
I found opportunities to teach.

In my sixties I sought wisdom, good health,  and peace. 
I found wisdom, good health  and peace.

I got my first pony when I was two and he was one. The following year I rode him in the Christmas parade. Like many of us, during my adult years I was away from horses for a while but in coming back to them I found my world expanding. Over the years I have seen so many people begin to practice natural horsemanship and watch them as they expanded their musical and  artistic skills. I have seen so many young teens grow emotionally way beyond their years as they practice natural horsemanship. 

The practice of natural horsemanship  opens the door to a range of life enhancing experiences. Once  again we will offer our fall series "Introduction to Natural Horsemanship" from 4-6 pm on each Saturday in August. Come on out to Mill Swamp Indian Horses, 9299 Moonlight Road, Smithfield Va 23430 this Saturday and begin to expand your world. 

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