Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Memorial Day Self Challenge Ride

Nothing motivates one like having a goal and achieving it. In 55 Days, on Memorial Day, May 28. We will have a fifty mile ride open to all riders in our program who do the following:

1. Submit a self conditioning exercise program involving both strength and aerobic fitness which the rider must adhere to between the time of submission and the date of the ride. For those who have questions I will assist in developing an age appropriate training program for you.

2. Dedicate at least three hours each week to riding with the majority of that being trotting.

3. Purchase a new saddle pad to donate to the program after its use in the fifty mile ride.

4. Submit to me the horse that you prefer to ride on the ride if you do not own your own horse. For those who wish to ride the same horse the first claimant will have priority although I reserve the right to put people on the horse that I think is most appropriate.

4. Email me a picture of the saddle that you wish to use if you do not own your own tack.

Kids who follow this regimen and complete the fifty mile ride can be assured that what ever challenge they face in life, whether it be getting a scholarship, making a sports team, getting into a college, getting a job, or beating cancer. their competition will not have ridden fifty miles in a day.

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