Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All Right, I Give Up..I'll Stay

Beth was surprised when I came in today. I told her that I had taken the horse lot as far as I could and and it was time for someone else take over and for my role to be that of land lord. I thought about several different options ranging from having one person do what I do, to suggesting that my role be divided among several people, to winding the program down with an eye towards its gradual dissolution. The idea of continuing to handle the cases that I am handling in court and throwing nearly all of my remaining time into the horse lot is more than overwhelming. Sunday Lydia and I went riding around Smithfield and I was surprised to see the new construction that has gone up in recent years. I don't see much of the area unless it is on my triangular route from home to the horse lot, to the office and back and it has been that way for several years.

I asked Terry to send me a list of the people that are on a special program development committee so that I could advise them that they needed to come up with a plan to run the horse lot without me. Then facebook messages came up. A nice post from Reba. A wonderful note from Monique. But most importantly, this picture from last night.

The reality is that others could do the work that I do at the horse lot if they were willing to do so. It is not brain surgery but it does require one to totally dedicate one's life to the program.

But on the other hand, please permit me to be more honest than modest, there is not another soul out there who can do what is in this picture. Kids achieve  things for me that they think they cannot do. The only reason they even try is because I tell them that they can do it. It has always been that way.

On the positive side I am already fifty eight so I doubt if I will need to hang with this much more than another thirty years.


Unknown said... are the unique catalyst that makes this work.

I want to get through the aggravation I am going through now and get back to horses as the new me. At least I smell better.

Laura Glover said...

It just captured the essence of who you are, of what this program is, and how precious it is to those growing up in your influence! -Lauran

Reba said...

I'm so glad. Other people can do more of the rote work, and we all (including me) need to step up and show up for you to shoulder more of your burden. However no one could replace who you uniquely are, and your soul is the soul of MSIH.