Thursday, March 2, 2017

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

If you are interested in preserving nearly extinct strains of Colonial Spanish horses, or any other heritage livestock, the first thing you should do is recognize that your time and energy are limited.

Don't waste either.

And especially do not waste them on activities that are counter productive to those efforts. One of the most counterproductive and time wasting activities one can do is to engage in divisive bickering on the internet about squabbles concerning names, titles, and definitions. If you want to do so you can find people who will happily engage you in endless squabbles about how many angels can dance on the head of a needle.

Or you can take that time to accomplish something meaningful.

Build up, don't tear down.

Encourage, don't discourage.

Unify, don't divide.

Work, don't just talk.

Work closely with those who share your goals and completely ignore those who do not.

(This is a picture of Secotan----a Corolla mare with a job to do.)

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Anonymous said...

Very good article, Steve. This applies to all advocates for horses - wild or domestic. Sadly, there is too much squabbling among most groups that started out attempting to prevent slaughter or prevent the roundups of wild horses & burros. If we all do not unite in a common cause - our wild horses & burros will be GONE and far too many domestic horses will be killed. In too many cases, so many of the animals sent to Mexico or Canada are being thrown away because they didnt meet someone's idea of "perfection"! What a great world this would be if everyone who loved horses was fortunate (& smart) enough to do it "your way"!