Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why We Took Out a Wall In The Little House

We had too many people playing music on Monday nights to fit into one room.

These two shots are from a great show last night at Poquoson Methodist Church. My two year old grand daughter's professional debut (I gave her a dollar for playing spoons and singing.) Five of the performers were playing instruments that they have taken up since January 1. Cajon, wash tub bass, wooden spoons, five string banjo, three string banjo, fiddle, autoharp, mandolins, guitars, bouzouki, long neck dulcimer and a ukelele.

And we are getting to a sound for porch music that I want. And this was not even all of our performers.

I need a good harmonica player who has first rate round pen skills with a wild horse.

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Anonymous said...

All weekend at a bluegrass festival...did not see one washboard, stone jug, or dulcimer.
There is such a thing as too mainstream.
This group here makes some good noise. -Lloyd